Best friends dating stories

18-Jan-2018 02:45

While other people become infatuated with ideas of romance and love, I have simply never been the overly-romantic type.As such, I often find myself avoiding the act of "casual dating." Most of my relationships seem to develop from the exploration of established friendships or long-running connections.Well, me and this guy started sleeping together about two weeks ago and we're crazy about each other. My feeling is that she would be very hurt, but at the same time I don't want to pass up a chance to be with someone who could turn out to be the love of my life, you know?

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From that moment on, he became one of my best friends.

I think, more than anything, I coveted the exciting familiarity of our bond. We were constantly unsatisfied with the relationships, though, and struck with feelings of jealousy we never wanted to address. We refused to let each other out of our lives, despite the insurmountable distance between us, as he excelled within the Army and I finished school.

In my mind, love is isn't just about sex, dates or showing off. Sadly, the reality is, life usually doesn't follow the plot of the romance movies we so often see. When we did see each other, we fell back into the comfort of our familiar bliss, and silently clung on to those moments until they were (once again) in the past.

But I never told my bestie that we were spending time together, let alone that we were growing close.

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My best friend and I have been besties since the fourth grade. She was with this guy for four years, up until early May of this year, when he suddenly decided to break up with her. I started hanging out with him about two weeks later, at first thinking I was just being someone to talk to.

I was attempting to weave my way through the crowd of regulars with a tray of drinks in my hand.

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