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17-Jul-2017 09:08

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They were unlikely to meet my children, and they were unlikely to want a long-term committed relationship. But, as with many things in life, the third time is the charm even if it is a long distance relationship.

" In long distance relationships, you don't see each other a lot -- or as often as you'd like.Seven hours in a car, two tired kids -- there was no doubt it was love.Everything about long distance relationships is hard, but the finding the time and money to visit is often the most difficult.After my marriage ended, as well as my first rebound relationship, I became a magnet for men in the process of divorce who lived hundreds of miles away.

I say "magnet" but I probably sought these men out and viewed them as safe.He called me on his lunch break -- he took a later lunch so it would match with mine. It sounds silly, but in the beginning some of the questions looked like an elementary school interview for "The Person You Most Admire." I wanted to know what his favorite color was, what his favorite food was, what his hobbies were.

For the better portion of my 20s, I’ve been single.… continue reading »

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On top of this you are not as carefree as you were in your twenties, then it was all just for fun.… continue reading »

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