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And it really doesn’t work if you post a picture and prove yourself wrong. Oooh, you own a car and a house and a toaster and a lawn mower? We all love getting emails about how “Wow, you travel? I have totally been to every township in Pennsylvania! No one wants to discuss babies or your mother on a first date. I THINK WE CAN ALL AGREE THAT SHOUTING MOSTLY JUST MAKES US WANT TO TAKE OUR PANTS OFF. Preferably, your pants should be about to fall off. This makes you sound like a text-messaging 14-year-old girl. If you are, please stop dating on Craigslist and go make a sparkly unicorn book cover or something. It’s also wonderful if your penis is a weird color or shape.

Try posting a few pictures and let the audience play hot or not in their own heads. And they really don’t want to discuss them in a first email. This is especially lovely for those of us browsing at work (We’re not supposed to do that? Do you not know that it’s not supposed to look like a purple question mark?

Then I hit a snag: I realized that all of these guys wanted to casually email for awhile, get to know me, before meeting in person.

After trying to keep up with ten different simultaneous conversations with complete strangers, I inevitably started mixing up their dogs and allergies to dogs, so I had to put a stop to it.

Lin doesn't know if she'll hear from him, but that didn't stop her from dreaming up her own romantic comedy. C., resident walked past a tall, bespectacled man outside a cafe a few weeks ago, and they exchanged glances.

The first wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but the second? The serendipity of the moment led Lin to post on Craigslist, describing the guy's plaid shirt and partially dyed blond hair.

So instead I trudged through it, tearing my hair out and abusively penciling in and whiting-out dates on my day-planner. Between the slippery streets, crowds of people everywhere, and nerves, I felt mildly nauseous. I learned that he designs leather cuffs and men’s chemical-free fragrances. I got to the bar early, as my last date had been cut short. His black T-shirt was rather tight and his snow boots were bizarrely effeminate. We had a few laughs (though at this point I was kind of drunk, so I can’t quite remember what they were about). I was supposed to be meeting friends later to check in, but I was drunk and forgot to check my phone. Pros: His face, sense of humor, in law school, doesn’t live with parents. But though all I wanted to do after the first date was curl up with a bottle of wine and watch The In Crowd, I’m glad I pushed ahead.

Then, the inevitable happened: they started flaking. " Dear sir, I wouldn't haul my ass to Long Island to see your band if we were . My ego took a hit — just a few hours ago, they’d been so into me. So I did what anyone would do: I smoked a cigarette, threw up in my mouth a little, and found the bar. He’s an artist “of all sorts.” Seriously, I asked him what kind of artist he was twice and that’s all I got. During the next lull in the conversation, he said, “Um…. He had taken two sips of the beer he tricked the poor bartender into serving him, and I stood up. Since my date was running late, I sat alone at the bar for a half-hour and scoped all the cute boys I could have been kissing. Later, I saw the messages, one of which said: “WHERE ARE YOU? If nothing else, this experiment reminded me that I’m just not the kind who enjoys dating. I get really nervous, feel faint, and smoke a million cigarettes. At heart, I think I’d rather meet someone the old-fashioned way: get very drunk, wake up next to them, and assess whether to stick around or sneak out before they wake up.

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After establishing my alias and having the first real anxiety attack of my adult life, I posted the following ad on a Thursday afternoon, trying to set up dates for that weekend.

I turned into that sketch-ball who only wants to talk about when we’re meeting up. I sat down across from him and unknowingly boarded his own personal rollercoaster. And I got in maybe three sentences the entire hour. Pros: I’m getting really good at leaving dates and not feeling bad about it. Bottom line: I will not see him again, unless his parents pay me to babysit. He was muscular in a lean way and I distinctly remember fantasizing about those strong arms pulling my hair.

I sent cryptic emails like: “Do you have a picture? ” The real fun was yet to come though: coordinating ten dates in two days? I thought about forwarding an email to all my boys with one-hour slots they could sign up for, but in the end I decided it might scare them away. The rest of my verbal allotment was spent “Mhmm”ing. DATE C At this point, I was dreading the next date. He ordered a Jim Beam and ginger ale, and I decided I liked him. I broke my rules and hung out with him for another two hours. Craigslist blind-dating is not for the faint of heart. Between the stress of trying to find guys to date, the scheduling, and the actually meeting complete strangers in person, I think I may have aged ten years in three days.

The popularity of Missed Connections might have peaked somewhere between "You've Got Mail"-era chat rooms and the creation of dating apps, but it's still common to find at least a dozen new posts on the D. She believes the anonymous quality of missed connections is part of what makes them so appealing. We tend to believe in "interpersonal magic," such as love at first sight, says Stanford University sociology professor Michael Rosenfeld."Some people will find you funny and laugh at your jokes in a way that makes you feel smart and attractive, and other people will look at you like you're crazy when you tell the same joke," he said.

"You'd rather be with the first person than the second, and there's no way of knowing whether someone will get you without spending time face to face."Missed connections, similarly, are based on a more personal level of attraction than just swiping right on a Tinder profile.

Time crept by and I realized that this fucking guy was fifteen minutes late. He put his hand on his chin, like mine, so I smiled and moved my hand to my lap. So if you have the balls and some extra time on your hands, go forth!