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Not wasting an opportunity, Lex asks her out on a date.

Helen treated many of the town's residents, including all three members of the Kent family.

In the last episode of season 2, Lex married Helen and they departed on their honeymoon flight to the Caribbean.

During the night, Lex woke up from a thunderstorm and found that Helen and the pilot were gone and that the plane was about to crash.

(Lifetime handles the ridiculously trashy crime and sex stories.) This is the same company that turned holidays into big business, and it's doing the same thing with family values.

This weekend marks the debut of two new movies on the channel that are sure to pull in viewers, even though the material itself might be suspect.

She offered to have the marriage annulled, but Lex suggested they give it a second chance and they tried again to take their honeymoon trip. He speculated that Helen switched pilots and disembarked when the plane landed.

On the plane, Lex revealed that he did some research and discovered that when they left Smallville, they didn't have enough fuel to reach the island where he was rescued. The pilot refueled and parachuted away before crashing the plane. She admitted that the only reason Lex didn't get a bullet in the head that night was because Helen really did love him.

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She guessed that the pilot drugged the champagne and she remembered that Lex drank a whole glass, but she only had a sip.

When Jonathan Kent crushed his leg underneath a tractor, she gave him a good prognosis.

Helen treated Martha Kent after she inhaled meteor rock spores in the storm cellar.

After meeting Lex at the hospital, Helen runs into Lex at a court mandated anger management class.

Helen explained she had drop kicked an orderly, and Lex had taken a golf club to a meter maid's vehicle.Florence Henderson and ' Carrie Fisher, truly hitting rock bottom here), who shows her what a heartless bitch she's become.