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Websites can remove things in your account which they find inappropriate.

Most websites and phone companies have Terms and Conditions which control what users are allowed to do. Websites may give warnings or remove inappropriate content themselves.

He was found guilty of defamation and placed on a two year good behaviour bond.

It is a crime under both QLD and national law to cyber bully someone in a way that intentionally encourages or causes them to kill themselves . What can happen…Cyber bullies can also get in trouble with internet or mobile phone service providers, websites, schools and non-criminal courts.

Threatening to kill someone carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail. It is also a crime in QLD to encourage hatred, make threats of physical harm (or encourage others to make) for a person because of their race, religion, sexuality or gender identity.

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Phone companies can suspend or cancel a person’s phone number and phone contract if they use it to repeatedly harass others through calling or texting.

There’s no doubt that Facebook has completely revolutionized the way people interact.