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Humvees armed w/ machine guns have to drive on the streets, and they need instructions from helicopters up above or they wouldn't know their way around.Buildings aren't just there to deflect bullets, but are used to secure a perimeter and for the commandos to hole up while treating the wounded.There are a lot of recognizable faces amongst the soldiers, such as Ewan Mc Gregor (using a sorry American accent), Tom Sizemore, Sam Shepard, Orlando Bloom (Legolas didn't get enough screen time), Eric Bana (The Incredible Hulk in the upcoming Ang Lee movie), and Jeremy Piven.It was just enough star power for you to care about whether they lived or died.I hate this lame tactic by the studios to build Oscar buzz.I think this will ultimately backfire, because BLACK HAWK DOWN, while the best war movie since SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, is NOT Oscar material.All hell breaks loose, as Black Hawks are shot down, turning the mission objective into rescue and recovery.

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The sky darkens and brightens according to the time of day, unlike The Lord of the Rings, where the sun can set in the matter of a single shot.The scale of the Mogadishu combat was absolutely astonishing.