Non intimidating body language

24-Nov-2017 10:22

A dog uses his entire body, from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail, to communicate with other canines.

A dog’s body language sends signals like “Come and play” or “Back off, buddy!

As a police officer, martial artist, personal empowerment facilitator and bullying prevention specialist, I admire your website, insight and foresight in the interest of equiping your communities with the information and education to live a bondage free life.

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This means you may be sending your dog mixed signals without even knowing it.

The most common body language mishaps I encounter tend to happen when a person is greeting a dog.

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Instead, sit down or crouch close to the ground with your side turned toward the dog; look away and ignore him until he initiates a greeting.God bless you all as you keep Thinking Like A Black Belt. i honor you as a warrior queen, a protector, a a fellow protector i feel your heartbeat and the heartbeat of your husband. know that there are many who read and change, but may not comment.— Authority, self control, competence, readiness, and awareness.

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The body language is like a sword – capable, sharp, ready, and powerful if necessary. Perhaps when walking through a dark parking lot or when you have to walk by a gang.A dog’s space should always be respected and never invaded — otherwise a bite may ensue.

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