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20-Oct-2017 18:39

He thought she might be unreliable because she disappeared for a year after they first met; she was actually suffering from depression.

They had similar backgrounds: complicated relationships with somewhat absent parents, careers as child actors that fizzled but also caused problems for them both (depression for Jenny, panic attacks for Blake).

“Like, done for.”And that’s basically the best way to sum up my feelings about Rilo Kiley, specifically Jenny Lewis: done for.

Blake wasn’t sure if he wanted Jenny to be in the band.

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The band has claimed at different points that the name came from an Australian rules football player, a 19th century Scottish athlete, sports almanacs from both of these countries; Blake Sennett himself has said that someone named Rilo Kiley appeared in a dream of his and predicted the date of Jenny Lewis’s death.

Longtime rocker Graham Nash is re-entering the dating scene after 38 years of marriage with his second wife, Susan Sennett.