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However, the parties may agree in the lease that the tenant or landlord must give notice of any intent to either continue or end the tenancy.

The landlord may terminate the tenancy on a shorter notice in the following situations: EVICTION/UNLAWFUL DETAINER A tenant cannot be physically removed from the premises for any reason until the following process is completed (lockouts, turning off utilities, seizing tenant’s property, etc.

Rent in Escrow: If above repair provisions are inadequate, tenant may have the local government inspect and certify that a dangerous condition exists and, after notice, may place their rent in escrow.

Note: This is a very technical section, get legal advice before using it.

The notice does not have to include the name of the perpetrator of the illegal act.3.

A tenant must inform the landlord of their intention to move within 90 days of the incident of domestic violence.

are illegal): Stalking can be any pattern of intentional threatening, harassing, following, surveillance and/or coercive behavior that causes you to fear for your safety, the safety of someone you know, or your property.1.

The legal tenant or a member of the household must have (a) a valid court order for protection, or (b) a record of reporting the incident to a legally qualified third party (i.e.

Landlords/tenants may notify health/building departments of possible building code violations.

TENANT’S RIGHT TO PRIVACY RENTAL AGREEMENTS Rental agreements establish the conditions for use and occupancy of a residence.

If a deposit is required, the rental agreement must be in writing and an inspection check list completed and signed.

Move Out: If landlord does not make repairs in times noted previously, tenant may give written notice to the landlord, terminate the agreement and quit the premises without further obligation.

The tenant shall be entitled to a pro-rata refund of prepaid rent and a full and specific accounting for any deposits not returned.MONTH TO MONTH TENANCY: An oral or written agreement which continues indefinitely until one of the parties terminates the agreement with written notice.

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