Who is jp arencibia dating

01-Aug-2017 16:25

I wanted to make a good lie so she wouldn’t expect it.

I decided to tell her the next day after the season that we had exit physicals and I had to stay back the entire day.

I told her when I was flying that I was in the MRI tubes.

Her house is on a hill and she has a porch and she writes her music there in Greenville (Tenn.) and I thought that would be a good place.

He lead her outside to an old oak tree in the backyard, a spot that Kimberly has been wanting her whole life to be proposed to by the man of her dreams!

He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! After saying yes, Kimberly explained how perfect it all was, saying: The 3.3-carat engagement ring was designed by a friend and is emerald-cut, which Perry claimed to be her absolute favorite! P., 27, and Kimberly, 30, met in February 2012 at the Florida Strawberry Field Festival and began dating soon after.

She doesn’t understand the business, so I could get away with that.

I took the first flight out that day and her family was involved in keeping it hidden.

We had it set up that the family was sitting there and I was going to show up at the bottom of the hill and have her see me and have me walk up.Perry thought she would be picking him up from the airport, but he surprised her as he stood under the tree when her family called her out of the house for dinner.